#PLAYBOOK: August 2015

Back again in a new and cool way, is the #PLAYBOOK, straight from the all-new MARCIRADIO SoundCloud. All of the most current picks for this month, from Bass to Booty and everything in between. Make sure you subscribe to the MARCIRADIO podcast show on iTunes, and stay tuned for all the cool stuff.

Partynextdoor — No Feelings (Ft Travis Scott)

It’s not hard to guess that every time Party and Travis hook up, it’s awesome. At least to me. This one isn’t any different, and this is a late night rainy vibe. OVO is really snapping, and Travis almost can’t miss right now, regardless. I hope they do a lot more, and a joint project from them would really do a lot of damage and spawn a lot of clones. 

Roy Wood$ — Get You Good

Roy Wood$ got his record remixed by me last month, and now this record that broke on OVOSound is super awesome, too. It’s got the clean typical R&B wave, but it just feels young and new. I like how he’s playing with his voice like Michael, too.

Playboi Carti — Talk (ICYTWAT REMIX)

Cash Carti again. ICYTWAT gave an awesome alternative, and then the video sealed the deal for me, shot by Nassacre. Again, keep up with Playboi Carti, because it’s gonna be great to hear his next stuff, given how clean this is already.

Key! — No Where ft. Jace

Of course, right. Shout out to Jace snapping as usual. This record is an anthem, honestly, and that’s about it for that. Slade produced it, and it’s just something you ride with the windows down to.


So do a bit of research with everything going on, and you find Quentin Miller and his friends. I like this whole situation becauase it’s forcing people to LISTEN again, and respect the craft for what it is. I like WDNG CRSHRS to take advantage of this because their music is awesome, honestly.

Bankroll Fresh ft. Spodee, 1st, StreetMoneyRed — EveryTime (Prod By FKi)

Again, Bankroll has a vibe, and the thing about Bankroll is the lyricism is really there if you’re paying attention. I like his music a lot and I think he’s gonna have an impact similar to Jeezy, should it all go according to plan. I’m excited for his new music.

ILOVEMAKONNEN — Straight Top feat. KEY! (prod. Sonny Digital)

I wasn’t too excited about this song when it first released, but it’s really grown on me. It’s super real, and I like the old school melodies that Makonnen is playing with. He really is Trap/Soul for you in 2015. Sonny Digital made a record that feels like a lullaby, or a video game menu. Awesome.

Majid Jordan — My Love ft. Drake

This is the first Majid record I’ve ever heard, and it instantly makes sense. Drake is a great scout for talent apparently, and I look forward to this sound and this artist doing cool things too. The record is a real groove, and soft at the same time. I see a lot of DJ’s using this and chopping this up for their sets.

Sango — Papers

I love papers. Sango just has that bounce, and I’m always playing his stuff in my sets. This is an awesome split between a real street-feeling track, and clean beautiful melodies. Sango = Legit.

SKUFL — Sleep

I was "Sleep" on this record, but not anymore. SKUFL is out of my city and I can honestly say he has a sound. CHAMPION is also hard, which prompted me to look for another record, and I found this. Keep up with SKUFL in the future because between this and CHAMPION, I can hear a lot of possibilities.

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